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Fast Facts

Building academic and everyday life skills are necessary for the long term success of our youth and in helping them to become productive citizens. The future of our world's prosperity is dependent upon our ability to encourage and guide our youth.

Research has shown that certain factors in the lives of our youth, such as regular participation in positive activities, not only creates positive character development but prevents problematic behaviors from developing which not only benefits them as individuals but to our society as a whole.

EVERY Day in America for All Children*

4 children are killed by abuse or neglect
7 children or teens are killed by guns
66 babies die before their first birthdays
187 children are arrested for violent crimes
408 children are arrested for drug crimes
847 babies are born to teen mothers
1,837 children are confirmed as abused or neglected
2,723 babies are born into poverty
2,857 high school students drop out
4,028 children are arrested
4,408 babies are born to unmarried mothers
16,244 public school students are suspended

Child Holding Someone's Hand

*From The State of America's Children 2014 report published by the Children's Defense Fund.